Sunday, December 6, 2009

Make money FAST!

Now that I have your attention, if you ever see a commercial that tells you that you can make money fast, easy or with no work, please only continue to watch that commercial to laugh at it.

This morning my husband and I turned on the television, and the channel it was on just happened to be in the middle of one of these types of commercials. It was for Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions. In the commercial there are two women who are interviewing people who have used the program and are making tons of money. Some are making thousands of dollars a week, and one man even showed a check for thousands of dollars that was supposed to be for one day pay.

And how much does it cost you to get the information to do this yourself? Normally it would cost over $40, but if you call now it will only cost $19.95.

They claim that they will set you up with one of their ready to go websites in just a few clicks of a mouse, and you will be ready to start making money. I said to my husband, if this guy has all of these "ready to go websites" for people to pick from and they just have to put them out on the internet to start making money, why doesn't THIS GUY just launch the sites and make the money himself? According to him, you can make thousands of dollars a week of the websites, but he is only making $20 a person for selling the websites off so it just does not make sense.

If you do a google search on Jeff Paul or Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions you can find TONS of comments from people who have tried the program, and none of them are making any money with it. Also, from what I have found, it sounds like getting your money back or canceling the program is difficult to do. There are posts that say that people were charged monthly fees, which is something that is not mentioned on the commercial, and some people even had to cancel their credit card to get the monthly payments to stop.

Some people might say, "Okay . . . so the first $20 gets me the CDs that tell me a little about the program, but the membership gets me into the websites that make the money . . . I am fine with that." Well, from what I have read the websites are the sites that sell all of those e-books that tell you how to make money. Without joining it myself and really trying the system, it sounds a lot like the old pyramid schemes where they sell you the program to teach you to make money online and you make your money by selling it to others.

If you have to spend money on a program to make money, don't do it.

There are ways to make money online, without paying into the program. Yes, they will not make you the millions of dollars over night like these commercials claim, but they do bring in real checks and do not cost you anything. If you set up a website, or blog like this one, and use the Google AdSense program. This really is simple to use, and can be set up in just a few clicks of a mouse. In fact, Blogger sites like this one have a tab called Monetize that is tied into the Google AdSense program so it makes it even EASIER to put the ads on your blog, and then you can also check your earnings. And if you have multiple blogs, you can have multiple streams of income, like we do with our other blogs and Since we use this program I can tell you that you really do get checks and you can make money off of these . . . not enough to quit your full time job, but every little bit of extra income helps.

Another thing that you can do to make money online with your website or blog, that does not cost anything to "join" is Affiliate Marketing. This is when you sign up to be an affiliate of another company, and they allow you to place their ads on your site, and then when people click on these ads and make purchases from YOUR link, you make money. Again, it is not the thousands of dollars that the "make money fast" commercials claim you can make, but again, every little bit helps. I even made money off of my online Christmas Shopping this year because I did some of my online shopping through sites that we are affiliates with like,, Best Buy, and Amazon.

So how do you join these affiliate programs? Well, you could go to each and every business and find the affiliate program link, usually at the bottom of the webpage with all of the legal information, or you could do what we did an sign up at a site like Commission Junction, or Once you register with one of these sites (no fee . . . just filling out your name, email and mailing address type information) you can then look at the huge list of companies that you can be affiliated with. Once you join the individual company's program (again, no fees) you can begin to post their ads. There are links to all the different types of ads, so you can filter things and make it how you want . . . just text ads, all banner ads, small buttons . . . it is up to you. Then you just have to get people coming to your site and clicking on the ads and making their purchases with companies they probably already shop with. You can see some of the sites we are affiliated with at

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