Sunday, December 13, 2009

Americans for Fairness in Lending

While I was in Florida for the National Consumer Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting Sally Brzozowki who works for Americans for Fairness in Lending

Americans for Fairness in Lending (AFFIL) and Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) are partnering to reform the nation’s lending industry and financial system to protect Americans’ neighborhoods, homes and pocketbooks.

For too long, the rules of Wall Street have been written by the bankers themselves. This year, that has to change.

We are a coalition of over two hundred national, state and local consumer, labor, retiree, investor, community and civil rights organizations that have come together to spearhead a campaign for real reform in our banking and financial system.

AFFIL Members are individuals around the country who believe we need to reform the nation’s lending industry. You can join our mailing list and become a member today!

AFFIL’s Board of Directors is made up of leading consumer advocates from around the country. The Board is currently chaired by Cathy Lesser Mansfield, a professor of law at Drake University.

AFFIL has a tiny staff so that as many of its resources as possible are spent raising awareness and working for reform.

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