Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giving Back at the Holidays

The Holiday Season is here, and as always at Scam Victims United we would like to help those out that are going through really tough times this year due to scams.

We call it our "Secret Santa Program" and here is how it works . . . If you are a parent who has recently been hit by a scam and is now wondering how you are going to provide Christmas gifts for your child, please send a private message to me with the subject "Dear Santa" and in it list the ages of your children and one gift that they would like to see from Santa this year, along with your complete mailing address. (Please remember that this is supposed to be for small children who still believe in the magic of Santa)

Everyone else that visits this site, if you would like to help to make Christmas better for one child, or one family, please send me a private message with the subject "Santa's Helper" and I will then forward you the information of one family that needs help this year. Please only contact me if you plan of following through . . . this could be the ONLY gift that some of these children get this year!

If you would like to help support this Holiday season you can send donations through PayPal
Purchase Scam Victims United merchandise at
Purchase books and movies at our Amazon Store
Purchase items from the retailers listed at
Retailers include
Best Buy
Napster plus many more!

Also, I want to tell you about another group that is helping people at the holidays

Robeez will donate a pair of soft sole shoes to K.I.D.S. with every soft sole purchased through December 23rd:

I personally love the Classic MJ Flowers - brown. It is a cute little shoe with a classy combination of brown with light pink trim and some small pick flowers.

To find out more about this program go to

Happy Holidays!

Shawn Mosch
Co-Founder of

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