Friday, September 10, 2010

Just need to vent

I just read the press release at and while it is great that there is so much attention to crack down on hackers and people sending out viruses to computers, what about scam victims!

The last paragraph of the press release reads

As the Internet and advances in traditional distribution methods allow
American businesses, inventors, and artists to market their “products”
worldwide, the threat from criminals and criminal organizations who want to
profit illegally from their hard work grows. But so does the commitment of law
enforcement and governments around the world to find new and effective ways to
combat the threat…together.

So how about finding new and effective ways to combat counterfeit cashier's check scams! We at Scam Victims United have been trying to bring attention to that battle since 2002 . . . actually, in a few weeks it will be the 8 year anniversary of the start of our battle to bring attention to this issue. I wish someone would pay attention to our battle.


  1. We are with you all the way..22,000 vulnerable people sent £500,000 to one scam mail shot in one day see to see how these scammers are having an easy and assisted passage into the homes of millions of elderly, socially isolated and mentally challenged people.

  2. Thanks for reminding me . . . I need to fix the link to from our site . . . it is broken.