Thursday, August 5, 2010

Closing the door on Child Identity Theft

Just the other day I did a blog about how children are becoming the victims of Identity Theft, and now today I find another email on this topic in my email box from the Identity Theft Resource Center.

Years ago, the Identity Theft Resource Center envisioned a simple solution to this problem.  It is called the Minors 17-10 Database and ITRC has been talking with various government entities and legislators about this concept since July 2005.  With the growing popularity of so-called “credit protection numbers”, “credit privacy numbers (CPN)”, and now “secondary credit numbers” being sold online, this issue has become more urgent.  These dormant Social Security numbers, being sold as CPNs, frequently were issued to children.  The crime, identity theft, most likely will not be discovered until the teen reaches adulthood.
I am sure that we will here more on this topic.

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  1. Law enforcement should increase the social awareness against this crime.
    Nice post!