Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stop the scammers from calling

Here is a question that I get asked a lot . . .

"A scammer keeps calling me and demanding that I send him money. How can I get this to stop?"

In the past, people have told the scammer that the FBI is investigating the case and that their phone is tapped, so every time that the scammer calls it gives the FBI more information to find them. This has sometimes worked to scare the scammer out of continuing to call you.

The easiest way to get rid of these annoying calls is to block the scammer's phone number. This can be done with a service from your phone company that is called Call Block, or sometimes called Call Screening or Call Rejection. Check with your phone company to see if they charge for this service. If they do, it is usually for a small amount.

Once you know that you have the service, the process of blocking a phone number is simple. Dial *60 and listen to the prompting messages, which will ask you to enter the phone number that you want to block. If you do not know the phone number, what you can do is dial *60 immediately after hanging up from the call with the scammer. One of the prompts will ask you if you would like to block the last phone number that called you.


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    1. i have blocked them from calling but when they call from a private or out of area you cant block the call. also, I cant block them from calling my cell phone. I just have to keep it turned off most of the time. they have gotten so much money from me it is unreal. I aM CALLING THE FED. TRADE COMMISSION ON MONDAY AND SEE IF THEY CAN HELP. ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY BACK, APPROX 25,000.00 HUBBY VERY MAD AT ME AND I AM TOO BUT ITS TOO LATE TO KEEP GETTING ANGRY I JUST WANT THEM TO STOP ANY SUGGESTIONS