Monday, February 15, 2010

Medium does it again - Identity Theft

Last month I shared with you that a popular CBS television show, Medium, did an episode that touched on the topic of Nigerian Scams.  Well, in Episode 14 of Season 6 they focused on the topic of Identity Theft.  The episode was called "Will the Real Fred Rovick Please Stand Up".  In this episode, after someone sent out an email with a attachment that allowed them to access your computer, everyone that Allison Dubois saw that did open that attachment looked like the person that was stealing everyone's identity to her.

Thank you, again, to the cast and staff of Medium who are choosing to take on topics that are really relevant to the times. I only wish at the end of the episode they would have posted something on where people can go to learn more about Identity Theft, like the FTC site.

Medium is based on the real life woman, Allison DeBois.  Below are some books about Allison and her life.

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