Saturday, January 16, 2010

Consumer Cause of Action

Another great group that I had the pleasure to meet while I was at the Consumer Expo in Florida was Consumer Cause of Action.

Consumer Cause of Action assists consumers against abusive lenders.

When you know your rights, you have options.

There are specific laws and statues that lenders must follow when underwriting and funding a loan. Many loan documents contain a variety of violations with TILA (Truth In Lending Act), and in some cases predatory lending and possible fraud and misrepresentation. In some cases if a homeowner is simply overcharged by only #45 or if the annual percentage rate is only 0.125% higher than what was originally disclosed, there may be a TILA violation.

Our service is very specialized and vital in identifying federal and state regulatory violations. Have one of our qualified forensic loan auditors review your loan documents and determine if your lender has complied with all of the federal and state statutes.

Facing Foreclosure? You have options:

Loan Modification
Short Sale
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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