Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do you know what you are sleeping on?

While I was at Scam Jam in Portland Oregon, I was in a presentation by Chuck Whitlock. He has done a lot of investigative reporting over the years, and one of the stories that he shared with us was about a mattress scam.

Stores were purchasing old mattresses that people collected out of dumpsters and paying them cash for them. Then they would take the mattress inside their building and cover it with new foam and new fabric . . . right over the old, dirty mattress! These mattresses were then being sold as new to unknowing customers. I believe that the investigators purchased 7 different mattresses at 7 different locations and when they cut them open to look inside of them they found old, dirty mattresses inside 4 of them!

Kind of makes you want to go and check your own mattress out.

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